Art Works Volvo

3029 69th Avenue West, Unit C
Tacoma, WA 98466
(253) 565-8847

8:00 am to 5:30 pm
Monday to Friday

Welcome to Art Works-Independent Volvo Specialists

We are a Mechanic you can trust!

If you are looking in the local Tacoma area for someone to service your Volvo automobile or provide maintenance or repairs to your car we are a mechanic shop that our customers have trusted for over 20 years.  Art Works is the most qualified independent repair shop in all of Pierce County.  Not only are we highly qualified ASE certified technicians but we also understand your vehicle.  Our parts are of the highest quality and we only use the most quality parts and the latest and most up to date diagnostic scan tools, software and equipment when given the opportunity to service and repair your Volvo.   Our customers pick us because each mechanic that works on your Volvo is a professional technician that specializes on Volvo repairs only.  You can trust us with your vehicle investment!

  • Factory Maintenance Programs                     
  • Minor Engine Repairs
  • Major Engine Repairs
  • Automatic & Manual Transmissions
  • Advanced Electronic Suspension System

Our customers trust us and keep coming back to us for their Volvo repairs.  Our service shop is an expert in Volvo charging and starting systems and we are able to help each of our customers solve electronic issues that they face at an affordable rate.  Art Works – Independent Volvo Specialists are trusted also with all mechanical and technological diagnostics for all Volvo models.  We work on both vintage Volvo Vehicles and also the most modern and contemporary Volvo on the road. 

Your automotive engine is one of the most important aspects of the long term dependability and longevity of your vehicle.  It’s very important that each of our customers realize that routine oil changes and filter changes are vital to your motor vehicles lifespan.  Each of our trusted technicians is trained to keep your Volvo at the most optimum levels. 

  • Tune-ups
  • Diagnostics
  • Scheduled Maintenance
  • Turbo Repair & Maintenance
  • Performance Inspections

We are trusted because we coach our customers on the types of oils to use and only use the right oils and fluids for both extreme cold and hot conditions.  The right vehicle ingredients are integrated into your Volvo on every service or repair appointment with Art Works.  We don’t ever recommend that one of our customers skip any scheduled maintenance or oil changes.  Your vehicle will begin to breakdown and work harder and as the vehicle becomes stressed your auto mechanic rates actually end up being much higher because the end result is a vehicle left with a non-attentive owner.  

Our Goal is for each customer to maximize their Volvo’s potential

We are always just a phone call away for a current customer or potential Volvo enthusiast.  Our customers continue to use our service because they trust that we are willing to go to the furthest lengths to help them understand the technology and engineering of their vehicle.  We talk mechanically in laymen terms and help each customer to understand the inner and outer workings of their Volvo.  We are a select Volvo specialist serving both Tacoma and Puyallup and support all vehicle repairs in and around all Pierce County surrounding areas. 

Clean, Courteous, Professional & Efficient. 

Quality work is our mission. Our primary goal is to provide a reliable auto repair service and have each of our customers truly realize a good experience from our Volvo repair business.  Our Volvo mechanics are courteous and continually strive to enhance our customers’ experience.  Each work area is expected to be clean and no vehicle is ever returned back to a customer in an unsatisfactory fashion.

Satisfaction is guaranteed.

Lube, oil, filter:
Basic oil change, and check of fluids, tire pressures, brakes, general safety check.

Buyers check:
Pre-purchase inspection, structural assessment, service history.

Major Service:
Most fluids changed, filters,spark plugs, as per factory schedule.

Pads, rotors, calipers, anti-lock brake service.

Shocks, struts, sway bars,bushings, ball joints.

Alignment, steering racks, tie rods, tie rod ends.

Lighting, door locks, windows, interior controls, engine electrical.

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